Novell Design Studio has a beatuful collection of bridal jewelry in platinum, 18k and 14k gold (white, yellow, and pink). Novell's collections includ the anthology collection with classic styles in platinum and eighteen-carat gold designs to the Max Patrick collections of wedding bands that include hand-made styles of braided and engraved rings in a large variety, plus others like the N'oval, the NQP, and more.

Collection Highlights

Novell Anthology
Novell Anthology is a menu of classic styles from the jewelry industry's leader in design. Platinum and platinum/eighteen-carat gold designs have been brought together from the most popular styles purchased by Novell consumers throughout the years. Engagement rings, eternity bands, as well as diamond rings, embody Novell Anthology. Added to the collection is a series of platinum heart necklaces, which incorporates the timeless heart icon with the elegance of platinum.

Max Patrick
The wedding bands that boldly define the men who wear them! The Max Patrick Collection contains a wide selection of hand-made styles. Braided and engraved rings make up the signature look of this series, although there is a large variety available without for a simple elegance. Rings can be made in all yellow, all white or two-tone gold combinations.

Style for everyday elegance...
N'OVAL is Novell's answer to the plain ring. Since no piece of jewelry should actually be regarded as "plain," we have created the everyday wear ring. N'OVAL is higher than the standard plain band, and is curved on all four surfaces, creating a cushion at all points of contact with your hand.

Not Quite Plain!
The NQP Collection is for the individual whose taste is a step above ordinary. Neat and natural designs create an ageless adornment for a man or woman's finger. Styles are also available with decorative diamonds on top or all around the ring. Each NQP ring is crafted in platinum, the purest and rarest precious metal on Earth. Every style is available in the width and metal of choice.


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