Jewelry as Art. That’s how Barbara herself would describe this collection: unique statement pieces marked by her distinctive use of shape and color.

Barbara Westwood is an artist devoted to creating fine jewelry using bold shapes, bright designs, and sparkling diamonds that make a fashion forward statement. Her latest collection features truly world class gem creations from the industry's top two gem carvers. Each piece is hand-signed by the artist who worked on the stone. Barbara's pieces appeal to women who enjoy expressing themselves through uniqueness, quality and dramatic design.

Barbara herself has visited b. alsohns, bringing us some of her favorite pieces. We're proud to offer her innovative jewelry, all using her ingenious interchangeable system. All of her chains, slides, jewel drops, and earrings work together, providing endless possibilities to mix and match. As a Barbara Westwood collector, you can custom build your own individual jewelry wardrobe.

In her own words: "My work is a vehicle to connect to the celebrations of life, to integrate with other human beings, as an artist, with the symbols that define and mark our most important feelings. My hands touch every piece of jewelry." -Barbara Westwood

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