Belle Étoile offers a dazzling assortment of trendy looks, styles, and colors. Whether you’re a fashion diva, a business executive, or a lover of the unique, Belle Étoile’s award winning collection has what you need to express yourself.

In French, Belle Étoile means beautiful star, suggesting the enchanting radiance that permeates these exquisite pieces. Belle Étoile combines natural beauty and grace with the marriage of high-quality craftsmanship and outstanding European designs to give you the fun, beauty, and excellence that only Belle Étoile can.

All Belle Étoile jewelry is crafted in the finest nickel-free and hypoallergenic .925 sterling silver. This silver is then plated with rhodium to prevent tarnishing and give the jewelry its brilliant shine. The Belle Étoile collections include: Italian Enamel, Italian Resin, Seashell Pearl, Italian Rubber and Color Stone, providing a diverse collection of looks for every woman at every occasion.

Italian Enamel

The Italian Enamel Collection features intricate, hand-painted designs in bright, bold colors. Belle Étoile uses a state-of-the-art cold enameling technique which allows the enamels to remain thick, giving the coats durability and color constancy, and putting these pieces in a class of their own.

Italian Rubber

The Italian Rubber Collection features the highest quality rubber, imported directly from Italy. This carefully selected rubber provides superior smoothness, flexibility, durability, color consistency and comfort.

Seashell Pearl

The Seashell Pearl Collection features onyx, mother of pearl and the finest seashell pearls. These seashell pearls are created from the shells of deep sea oysters, but the final product is so stunning they are often mistaken for Tahitian or South Sea pearls. The Seashell collection highlights this lustrous pearl which, with the proper care, can last a lifetime.

Color Stone

The Color Stone Collection features lab-grown stones that are selected for their top-quality color and radiance. These high quality lab-grown stones provide greater creativity and flexibility in the cutting and design process. All stones are carefully set into a fashionable piece of jewelry, assuring the highest quality in the finished piece.

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