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We carry two of the most popular brands of quality watches on the market: EBEL, a collection of luxury Swiss timepieces with elegant and classic designs; and TechnoMarine, a dynamic assortment of high end fashion watches for the casual-chic lifestyle. We also offer our own brand, Beval, which provides quality watches at a more affordable price.


At the heart of the EBEL brand is a passion for innovation and excellence in watch design. Since its inception in 1911, EBEL has remained true to their core values, manufacturing fine Swiss watches that combine technical expertise with elegant and distinctive style. Popular for its bracelet design with signature wave-shaped links, today EBEL continues to create timepieces that embody luxury infused with a chic modern vision.

Our extensive selection of EBEL watches includes a variety of choices from their most popular collections, including 18K solid gold, stainless steel, and quality inset diamonds.

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MavadoEdge 600x400

The latest Mavado Edge infuses an icon of modern design with stunning new shape and texture. This new watch collection was developed in collaboration with renowned modern industrial designer Yves Béhar who has dynamically reimagined the stark, pure beauty of the Museum Dial conceived in 1947 by artist/designer Nathan George Horwitt. A synergy of modern design and sculpture is revealed in these contemporary timepieces which bring new dimension to the original Museum Dial, while celebrating its industrial inspiration rooted in the Bauhaus movement.

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oris watches

Purely mechanical watches marked by a distictive design, for over 100 years Oris has been making watches in Switzerland. Their collections are categorized by CULTER, DIVING, AVIATION, and MOTOR SPORT.

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This Geneva based brand is known for timepieces that mix a playful attitude with strong design. TechnoMarine believes watches should be cool, fun and user-friendly; they were the first watchmaker to put diamonds on a diving chronograph.

TechnoMarine's signature classic styling is customizable in countless color combinations. Watch cases can be easily removed and replaced with a different color. The soft silicone straps are also removable and available in a wide variety of colors, allowing you to build a watch wardrobe to match your style or mood. TechnoMarine watches are also available in ceramic and stainless steel designs.

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